Our Team

Gary A. Strobel, Co-Founder 

Gary Stroble listens to producers where they first tested sx Calf near Belgrade. November 15, 2018

Gary A. Strobel was born and raised in Massillon, Ohio. His early years were spent in the Boy Scouting program in his community. In his mid-teens, he was awarded both the Eagle badge as well as the W.T. Hornaday Gold medal for his services and promotion of conservation efforts in his community. He completed a B.S. degree at Colorado State University in 1960, and a Ph.D. at the University of California, Davis in 1963. Since that time he has been on the faculty of Montana State University and presently he is an emeritus professor.  His research and academic interests have centered on microbe –higher plant relationships. He was co-contributor to the discovery that somaclonal variation occurs in plants and can be used for plant improvement. The discovery of the Ri plasmid in Agrobacterium rhizogenes also originated in his lab. His work on the modification of tree microflora to preclude plant disease received major national attention in his efforts to biologically control Dutch elm disease in the late 80s. More recently, he has discovered that plants host endophytic fungi and bacteria and many product novel bioactive compounds which he and his lab group have isolated and described. He has lectured at over 350 institutes and universities-worldwide and published over 400 articles in scientific journals and holds nearly 70 USA patents and innumerable International patents. He has received numerous awards including an NIH Career Development award, the E.O Wilson award, the Wiley award, the Lowell Thomas award and special recognition from the Royal Nepal Chemical Society. He was elected fellow of the AAAS, fellow of the Explorer’s club of the world and fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology. His work on Sx Calf is an outgrowth of his discovery of a novel fungal genus that he called Muscodor that makes volatile agents.

Bryan Blatt, CEO, Co-Founder

November 15, 2018

Bryan Blatt has an undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and a Juris Doctor degree from Loyola Law School.  Mr. Blatt has had a successful career in sales and marketing and has launched two successful startups prior to co-founding EcoPlanet.  He has also been involved in the horse breeding business for nearly 25 years and has the largest breeding operation of Foundation Morgan horses in the United States.  As a long time owner of English Springer Spaniels, he is very familiar with both the companion pet and livestock industries, including the diseases and other health issues one encounters as an owner and producer.

The Team

Working with Dr. Strobel the EcoPlanet team has identified unmet needs in both the production livestock and companion pet animal health industry.  Together they have developed innovative solutions to years old problems and continue to work on additional products soon to be marketed by EcoPlanet.  Soon to be released are Sx Dog, Cat, Foal, Pig, Lamb, and Kid.   In addition, Sx Technology will be the basis of several other products relating to the microflora and gut health of a number of species and will be applied in various ways.  Wearing many hats in the company Mr. Blatt’s responsibilities range from product innovation, packaging, regulatory compliance, marketing, distribution, and patent prosecution. Learn more about the product. Photos by Larry Mayer of the Billings Gazette