Patents Granted

Patents Granted

Ecoplanet Animal Health of Bozeman/Belgrade Announces US and Australian Patents Granted for “Sx Calf” a Unique Electrolyte Solution Developed for Calves with Scours

Mr Bryan Blatt, CEO of Ecoplanet Animal Health in Belgrade /Bozeman, Montana announces that the US patent office has granted a patent for its unique and effective calf product labeled as Sx Calf Oral Electrolyte and Nutritional Supplement for use in effectively assisting calves suffering from dehydration.  Dehydration caused by scours or stress is one of the major killers of young livestock in the world. Sx Calf has been termed a “game changer” in that a vast majority of animals quickly rehydrate within hours. The product is now available the country with a  number of major distributors including AHI, Animart, Stockman’s, Midwest Supply, and internet retailers Valley Vet, Nasco, and Jeffers.  Mr Blatt, a co-inventor along with Dr Gary Strobel of Montana State University, also announced that a patent has recently issued in the United States, Australia and patents in other countries such as the European Union, Canada, China and Russia are pending.  Comparable products for uses in poultry, swine, cattle, horses, and companion pets are currently being developed.

Sx Calf has an interesting history of discovery and development. In the late 90’s Dr Strobel and his team at Montana State University discovered a novel fungus in the rainforest of Honduras that was making a mixture of volatile agents. Chemical analysis of the volatiles revealed a mixture of over 30 compounds.  The products were shown to act in a synergistic manner.  Using this concept Strobel, in conjunction with Ecoplanet, has bio- mimicked the fungal gases with other naturally occurring compounds and has formulated an electrolyte solution and nutritional supplement for the feeding of calves showing symptoms of dehydration associated with stress, and scours.

Interest in Sx Calf has increased considerably because it is so effective in promoting the rehydration of calves. This is witnessed by users including veterinarians and cattle owners including Bob Marx and Scott Kruez of Bozeman who have stated “Sx Calf helped the calves recover more quickly than other products we have tried.  Without the Sx Calf oral electrolyte, we would have expected one third or more of the calves to have died.  Sx Calf was easy to use and carry when working the herd, it is a quick treatment option and other antibiotic treatments were not required if the scours was caught quickly enough.” Dr. Rob Callan with the Vet School at Colorado State University has used Sx Calf on  dehydrated calves and has stated that – “The most significant observations were the resolution of dehydration and the improvement of fecal consistency of treated animals” Most often scours is caused by bacterial pathogens but it can also be caused by viruses and parasites.

Presently, a large-scale study to understand the nature of the effect of Sx Calf on the animal gut is underway at Colorado State University in concert with scientists at the University of Minnesota and Ecoplanet. The microbiome (intestinal microflora) of the gut is being explored before and after the use of  Sx Calf using the DNA sequencing techniques of modern molecular biology, commonly referred to as microbiomics. The hypothesis is that Sx Calf is balancing the microflora of the gut to normalize and quickly help the animal in the rehydration process.

Interestingly, the entire story of Sx Calf can be traced back to the rainforests of the world and the potential that they have to answer many questions related to the health and well- being of mankind. This work is an excellent example of how a study on a rainforest microbe can lead to an unexpected solution to a major cattle disease.